9th AZK Conference - The Real Danger of Nuclear Power - Dr. phil. Holger Strohm - full english dub

Nuclear power expert Dr. phil. Holger Strohm speaks in front of a packed house at the annual AZK (anti-censorship-coalition) conference 2013. Fully dubbed in English. 

In this lively lecture, he explains the often overlooked dangers of the so called "peaceful" nuclear energy, the many things wrong with our dealing with this type of power and how we will ultimately destroy our planet if we do not change direction together as aware human beings.

In 1973 Dr. Holger Strohm wrote the German bestseller "Friedlich in die Katastrophe" ("Quietly into Disaster") in which he relentlessly educated the public about the real dangers of nuclear energy to humanity, the biosphere of Earth as well as all future generations. In his book he builds upon thousands of scientific findings and literature sources to make a strong claim against the continued use of ANY type of fission which always results in uncontrollable radiation and the amassing of long half life materials used in warfare as well as detrimental effects to our own planet that result from our continued use of nuclear power plants.

Up to this day, not a single error has been found in the work and the book has been republished multiple times. Recently, the movie with the same name has been released, also in english language.

We sincerely thank the team of the anti-censorship-coalition for their support of this dubbing project! This english dub was performed by Dr. Holger Strohm himself. Please spread this talk far and wide within the english-speaking world.

This lecture was originally recorded on Novembre 23rd, 2013 at the AZK conference in Chur, Switzerland.


Gross National Happiness! A Short Interview with a Bhutanese | ENG

In this short clip we had the honor to interview Sangay Rinchen, an organic farmer from Bhutan which is a country in the Himalayan mountains. Bhutan has adopted the policy of "Gross National Happiness", wherein the happiness of the population is taken as indicator of true wealth in society, not the commonly used GDP. Recorded prior to a small local lecture in Northern Germany, January 2015. A German translation will follow.

We say again: Thank you Sangay for helping the West wake up to our relationship to nature. And to help us see that alternatives are here if we are willing to learn new things. Or rather: old things, long forgotten in the West.


Roundtable on The Dangers of Nuclear Power: Dr. phil. Holger Strohm & Werner Altnickel - english

Holger Strohm, author of the critically acclaimed 1973 bestseller "quietly into disaster" (original: "Friedlich in die Katastrophe") talks with Werner Altnickel about the dangers of nuclear power as well as the mostly ignored technical aspects that make this form of energy so dangerous to humanity and planet Earth.

Holger Strohm is the foremost expert in Germany when it comes to nuclear power and the dangers of fission. He has been studying this field for more than 50 years and has written several bestsellers on the subject.


Poesie der Mode

Wunderschöne Motive, antiker (Anfang 19. / 20. Jahrhundert ), wertvoller Mode, zum Teil aus dem englischen Königshaus, ästhetisch mit musikalischer klassischer Untermalung präsentiert von Holger Strohm. Fotografiert von 1981-1984.

Edvard Grieg - Solveig´s Lied aus Peer Gynt (
Johann Pachelbel - Kanon (
Johann Sebastian Bach - Air (

Poetry of Fashion

A presentation of precious antique dresses (from the 19th and 20th century), partly out of the posession of the Royal Family. Aesthetically accompanied with classical music. Presented by Holger Strohm. Photographed between 1981-1984.

Edvard Grieg - Solveig´s Lied aus Peer Gynt (
Johann Pachelbel - Kanon (
Johann Sebastian Bach - Air (

Poesia da Moda

Uma apresentação de vestidos preciosas antigos (a partir do século 19 e 20), em parte foi posse da familia real inglesa. Esteticamente acompanhado com música clássica. Apresentado por Holger Strohm. Fotografado entre 1981-1984.

Edvard Grieg - Solveig´s Lied aus Peer Gynt (
Johann Pachelbel - Kanon (
Johann Sebastian Bach - Air (

Poesie de la mode (FR)

Magnifiques photographies de mode fin-de-siècle ayant appartenu en partie à la famille royale anglaise, présentées par Holger Strohm. Avec accompagnement musical.
Photographiée entre 1981-1984.

Pièces jouées:
Edvard Grieg - Chanson de Solveigh, extrait de Peer Gynt (
Johann Pachelbel - Canon (
Johann Sebastian Bach - Air (